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Summer Update!

Dear My Two Fans/Supporters,

Hey there, both of you. I realize that I’ve been flying under the radar a bit these last couple months and I wanted to drop a line to let you know what I’m up to:

Real Talk Live: As you know by now I’m a resident artist with Real Talk Ave. Well, we’ve been an official unit for a little over a year now and in July we’ll be celebrating the 1st Anniversary of our curated show, Real Talk Live. It will be awesome. Check the gigs calendar for more info. Also, CBS rated us as one of Chicago’s best literary shows. Here, I’ll prove it: Boom, son.

New Stage Act: So, I’ve recently figured out how to do all the things I do (poetry, comedy, music, storytelling, etc) at the same time. Well, at least in the same set. It involves some instruments, a loop pedal, and A LOT of rehearsal. It’s part recitation, part singing, part guitar, and part dick joke. It is however, all fuggin rock.  I have a feeling this will be the shit I end up doing for like, ever. There are some clips in the Media section under Video. Which leads me to..

Touring: I miss the road, folks. I’m not saying that I’m looking to spend a couple years living out of my car again, but I am feeling the familiar wanderlust of yesteryear. And with this new stage act popping off, I figure now’s a good time. There’s a chance I’ll be heading to Germany to do a block of shows in October with the Speak’Easy Ensemble, but outside of that, I’m open. Wanna have me in your town? Holler at  me. Go to a college/university? Definitely holler at me.

The 26 Project: So this is going to be one of those things that bites me in the ass. I plan on starting at the half-year point in order to write, produce, record, and release a new poem, song, story or essay EVERY WEEK until the ball drops. There are 26 weeks to the half-year, hence the name. Where they’ll be released, I’m not sure yet. Will I make it? Who knows. Stay tuned.

As if that weren’t enough, I’m also shooting for an October 1st release date on my new (yet untitled) album. It will be mostly poetry but with some music/buffoonery thrown in. Oh, and I’m still teaching workshops. So, what are you doing this summer?



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