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Salt Hill

I feel really lucky to have my poem “Fiat Lux” in the beautiful  new issue of Salt Hill. It was written in response to this TedTalk by Edith Widder  about bioluminescence. 

Paper Darts & Nailed 

I have 2 poems up at Paper Darts and 5 Poems up at Nailed!

Stonecoast  Review

I have two poems, “To Houdini” and “Overrun,” up in the inaugural issue of Stonecoast Review, published by the awesome Stonecoast low res MFA program. 

Review  of  Good   Grief

Weston Cutter at Corduroy Books just gave my first book, Good Grief, a great review: Weston writes:  “The banal/easy way with this one would be to say it’s about a young woman discovering/figuring out the world around her—femininity, beauty, Truth, etc. It’s a paltry summation of a book that’s trying with more ferocity than many […]

Tupelo Press  30/30   Project

For the month of September, I am participating in Tupelo Press’s 30/30 Project—a poetry-marathon fundraiser, where I’ll be writing a poem each day and asking friends/colleagues/family/strangers for donations. Whether or not you donate, I hope you’ll give the new poems I’m drafting a look.  Note: The donations all go to Tupelo Press (not me). Tupelo […]


My poem “The Empty Air Times Nine” was just published in The Collagist.  Also, my poems “A Beige House on Jolly Road” “Genesis of the Only Michigander Who Doesn’t Drive” were recently published in issue seven of Birdfeast. 


Check out my poem “Disinter” in Contrary Magazine! It feels a little bizarre to have a poem that deals with the bleakness of winter in Ithaca, NY, at a time when my apartment is about 90 degrees. I swear, my eyeballs are sweating. 

10  Book  Recommendations  for  Summer  Reading

The authors and editors at Tired Hearts Press are putting together summer reading lists. Here’s mine. Also, check out the Tired Hearts Tumblr to see more lists.  When My Brother Was an Aztec by Natalie Diaz (poetry) Kingdom Animalia by Aracelis Grimay (poetry) Angels in America by Tony Kushner (play) Brother, I’m Dying by Edwidge Danticat (memoir) To the Lighthouse by Virginia […]


My poem “Nobody is Lost” is in the Summer 2013 issue of Indiana Review! Can’t wait to get back to Ithaca from touring and check out my contributor copies. Looks like a great lineup! 


1. My first book, Good Grief, won the Devil’s Kitchen Reading Award for Poetry! Looks like I’ll be reading at the Devil’s Kitchen Literary Festival at SIU in October. And being fancy. And winning. And getting money.  2. I just got back to Chicago from the Little Bones tour w/ Josh Gaines and Benjamin Clark! […]

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