Fun-filled events in Milan

If you are addicted to adventurous trips, then you should consider including Milan in your travel diary. Located in Italy’s northern Lombardy region, Milan is considered by many as the capital of design and fashion you can have a check at Eventi Milano to find the latest. The town is also home to some of the oldest and most attractive architectural designs such as the Santa Maria delle Grazie convent which houses Leonardo da Vinci’s fresco “L’ultima cena”. Here are three fun-filled events in Milan which you can be part of when visiting.


Tour the Brera Art Gallery

Brera Art Gallery is one of the greatest Musei Milano  (in italian galleries in Milan). The museum contains some of the most sought-after Italian art masterpieces from the XIV to the XX century. When touring the gallery, you can be sure of seeing renowned paintings such as Raphael’s “Marriage of the Virgin”, Piero Della Francesca’s “Urbino Altrapiece” and Andrea Mantegna’s “The Dead Christ”. Other galleries and architectural designs like Monumental Cemetery, Santa Maria Delle Grazie Church, and Brera Art Gallery can also give you a reason to travel back to the marvelous city.

Attend the Festival of Sant’Ambrogio

Every year on the seventh day of December, Milan celebrates its patron saint, Saint Ambrose with an attractive fair called “O bej O bej”.

This festival takes place on the streets around the Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio. During the festival, many Milan natives usually showcase different handicrafts, furniture pieces, and delicious delicacies that carry their rich history. Other festivals that can also interest you when touring the magnificent city include The Carnival Ambrosiano and the Corteo dei Re Magi festival.

Settle down and enjoy a classical La Scala Opera Concert

Classical La Scala Opera concert typically provides a tourist with an opportunity of learning the rich history of the fashion city. The show is usually organized in Magical sceneries like the Academies of Music or the Teatro Alla Scala Theater which in itself is a tourist attraction. The concert, among others, frequently attract hundreds of the world’s finest singers and operatic artists simply because of their uniqueness.